But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.  ​Amos 5:24​


"We live in a world where 40 to 50 million children are murdered in their mothers’ wombs every year through modern forms of child sacrifice."

Abolitionists from across the United States have come together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to form a grassroots coalition of autonomous abolitionist societies, which are unified in both ideology and practice. In conjunction with abolitionists in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, we are united in the declaration of these sentiments in relation to the slaughter of pre-born human beings, our smallest and most vulnerable neighbors and fellow image bearers of the Living God. As abolitionists, we are determined to live consistent Christian lives in the midst of a culture that kills its children and to work to bring about the abolition of human abortion.
We live in a world where 40 to 50 million children are murdered in their mothers’ wombs every year through modern forms of child sacrifice.
In the United States of America, over 2 million children are murdered every year by various forms of human abortion. Over 3,200 babies are poisoned to death or ripped to pieces every day inside local child sacrifice centers; thousands more are destroyed each day by over-the-counter abortifacient drugs and devices and the use of reproductive technologies that inevitably result in the extermination of human life.
The United States is a country founded upon the principle that “all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Yet, we have betrayed the spirit of this declaration from the founding of our nation and have consistently failed to uphold its ideals.
Abolitionists in times past had to rise up against the institution of human slavery, that “flagrant robbery of the inalienable rights of man,” exposing the glaring contradiction between their country’s claim to be a land of liberty and its systemic approval, widespread tolerance, and all-encompassing practice of making property of men.
They designated slaveholders as “man-stealers,” guilty of a capital offense, and judged those who were indifferent to the plight of their fellow men to be complicit in their crime.
They denounced the constitutional compromise that permitted the institution of chattel slavery as “an agreement with Hell and covenant with death.”
They despaired of their republic while slavery existed and beseeched their culture “to repent instantly, to undo the heavy burden, to break every yoke, and to let the oppressed go free.”
Their call was for “immediate, unconditional, uncompensated emancipation.”
Their creed was “Slavery is SIN!”
Their cry was “No Compromise!”
They refused to go with the multitude to do evil, and they determined to never do evil that good may come (Ex. 23:2 ).
They rejected the use of carnal weapons for the deliverance of the slaves, choosing to rely instead upon spiritual weapons, which are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. They pledged themselves to overthrow the institution of human slavery, to rebuke the Northern apathy that contributed to its endurance, and to turn their nation’s heart to God.
Their culture did not heed their call.
They did not repent.
They were instead a nation of stiff-necked people – hard-hearted, apathetic, and indifferent to the plight of their fellow man.
They neglected justice. They refused to show mercy.
They chose instead to let the slaves suffer while they talked about plans for gradual emancipation, voluntary compensated manumission, and forced colonization – all incremental strategies that ultimately did nothing to establish justice and liberty for the enslaved.
Many of that day called the abolitionists “fanatics,” “incendiaries,” and “agitators,” and told them to keep their moral and religious views to themselves. They destroyed their printing presses, burned their meeting places to the ground, and persecuted their most outspoken leaders. They even murdered some in cold blood.
In the headlong pursuit of sordid gain, they continued to work God’s image bearers to death in the cotton fields, like cattle. They refused to grant them their God-ordained rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They continued to tear their families apart on the auction block.
As a result, God judged their culture and brought war upon their nation.
A bloody war.
An unnecessary war.
A war that set brother against brother, father against son.
For He removes kings and raises up kings, makes peace and creates calamity (Is. 45:7 ), and He stretches out His hand in judgment towards those nations who sin grievously against Him and transgress His Holy Law.
But thanks be to God there remained a remnant of faithful followers who repented of their complacency, ceased to do evil, and learned to do good. A remnant that showed mercy, sought to correct oppression, and worked to establish justice.
By the grace of God the nation was spared and the institution of slavery was undone.
But the cost was great: decades of unwilling repentance and terrible violence, forced reform disguised as Reconstruction, and the turmoil surrounding civil rights that remains with us to this day.
Today we face a similar situation.
We live in a world where human beings are routinely poisoned, burned, crushed, torn apart, discarded as trash, and destroyed in countless other ways simply because they are unwanted, inconvenient, and not yet born.
They are created in labs, incarcerated in icy chambers, and genetically modified to meet parental preferences.
They are dehumanized, experimented upon like rats, and bought and sold as scientific commodities.
Our culture considers the right to kill one’s own children fundamental to “family planning.” We call the right to murder our own sons and daughters “reproductive justice.” We poison our wombs to make them inhospitable for children we might conceive, while we flippantly engage in the act that conceives them.
In the name of treating infertility, we create stockpiles of children who are put aside and abandoned as orphans. We screen our children to determine whether they are worthy of our time, love, and provision. We determine who lives and dies by choosing whether they will be abandoned, butchered, or born.
These are all forms of human abortion practiced within our nation on a daily basis.
At the root of all this injustice is our culture’s blasphemous assertion that children are not a blessing but a choice.
Human Abortion is the intentional extermination of a pre-born human being created in the image of God.
It is the legalized, politicized, and industrialized institution of child sacrifice that has been accepted, embraced, and cherished by our culture at large … and all-too-often ignored by those who claim to respect and value human life.
These practices are part of the atrocious, inhumane backdrop of the world we blithely walk through every day.
The present institutionalized practices of child endangerment, abandonment, and intentional destruction make a mockery of America’s claim to be a land where all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with an inalienable right to life.
These practices are the bad fruit of a nation that has turned its back on God. They demonstrate an utter disregard of the image of God, and they deny the sanctity of human life.
These practices are the judgment of God upon an idolatrous nation full of people who hate Him and deny His existence, and of others who profess to know Him yet disregard His commands and deny the power of His Gospel.
Human abortion is a direct defilement and contradiction of our Savior’s commands to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.
It is a malignant blight that permeates our entire way of life.
It goes on every minute of every hour of every day in nearly every community of our culture. The intentional destruction of unwanted children is part and parcel of the way we plan our families.
Abortion is not about health care, reproductive justice, or women’s rights.
Abortion is never a necessary evil.
No human life should be sacrificed for the affluence, personal peace, or bodily autonomy of another. And no human being should be put to death for the sin of his father or mother.
Christ Jesus died to set sinners free from their slavery to sin and to provide forgiveness and restoration for all who call upon His Name. As such, no human being should ever be murdered to cover up the sins of another.
Human beings conceived in rape or incest are children created in the image of God, and thus possess the same humanity and rights as all others who bears His image.
This being so, their lives must not be forfeited for the sake of “the many,” or sacrificed in exchange for the “autonomy” of their mothers.
The rapist is the violator of her bodily autonomy; not her innocent child.
Human beings diagnosed with fetal abnormalities, illnesses, or other conditions our culture considers incompatible with a meaningful life also bear God’s image, regardless of how difficult it may be to care for them.
Pre-born human beings are of no lesser value than their mothers in whose wombs they reside, and therefore, in medically questionable situations, the health and safety of both patients ought to be pursued with equal dedication.
Just as a mother would not neglect to nurse her infant child, so also should she not refuse to show compassion to the child of her womb.
The deliberate killing of a child for the purpose of averting some hypothetical negative effect to the mother is an act of murder and should never be considered an acceptable solution for any difficult circumstance.
The idea that abortion is necessary to save a mother’s life is a myth embraced by our culture to justify the mass murder of healthy children developing within the wombs of healthy women.
The practice of in vitro fertilization to facilitate the creation of human beings who are then cryogenically frozen, forgotten, and treated as property is evil and ought to be decried as such.
As slaves in the 19th century were packed onto ships to be sold to the highest bidder, so also embryonic human beings are packed into freezers to await the day their parents decide to implant or discard them.
This practice creates and exploits orphans for no other reason than to satisfy the selfish desires of parents who ought to be caring for the orphans already in their midst.
These children are left to slowly die in the cold, sterile tomb of the fertility clinic.
Furthermore, the murderous practice of destructive human embryonic research ought to be completely prohibited.
Prior generations classified the practice of cutting into living victims and experimenting upon them as a crime against humanity.
And yet, in our generation, thousands upon thousands of our embryonic neighbors have also been experimented upon and destroyed in the name of scientific progress.
There is no ontological difference between human beings prior to or following implantation, and there is no moral difference between dismemberment by surgical instruments, on the one hand, and death by the prevention of implantation through the use of abortifacient drugs or devices, on the other.
All human beings are indeed created equal and possess the same right to protection from murder that is afforded to all who bear the image of God.
Therefore, as Christians and as abolitionists, we maintain that every human being, regardless of age, size, ability, or location is created in the image of God.
We affirm that no human being has the right to shed innocent blood, for “God made man in His own image.”
To deprive an innocent human being of life is the prerogative of God alone.
Any action designed or undertaken for the intended purpose of killing a pre-born human being is an act of murder.
We maintain that God has established government among men to punish those who do evil and praise those who do good; our civil magistrates ought not to be a terror to good conduct, but to bad, and ought to secure all God-ordained rights and liberties for its people.
Any government that legalizes and institutionalizes the murder of those residing within its jurisdiction is acting outside of its proper sphere and contrary to its divinely ordained role. In doing so, they have not only forsaken their mandate but have even put themselves at odds with almighty God.
The modern institutionalized practices of human abortion, though shrouded with many euphemisms and lies, are murderous practices of child sacrifice. They are high crimes against humanity and blasphemous attacks upon the image of God.
Therefore, we believe and affirm that:
Abortion is not just a social, political, or intellectual debate to be carried out by philosophers, pastors, and politicians.
We believe and affirm that abortion is sin – always and everywhere sin.
It is the end result of living a life centered on self, in worship of sex, and in slavery to death.
Abortion is murder.
Any person who knowingly procures or performs an abortion is guilty of murder in the eyes of God and ought to be tried and found guilty of murder in a court of law;
Any person who knowingly aids or abets a person in the procurement or performance of an abortion is guilty of being an accessory to murder in the eyes of God and ought to be tried and found guilty of being an accessory to murder in a court of law;
“For whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in His own image” (Gen. 9:6 ).  So reads the Word of God, and by it, everyone complicit in the shedding of innocent blood is convicted of a capital crime and ought to be found guilty and punished as such by the governing authorities.  As for us, we endeavor to expose their guilt, beseech them to repent and to “go and sin no more” (John 8:11 ; John 5:14 ).  For there is eternal forgiveness for the sin of abortion to all those who confess their sin, turn from it, and follow Christ as Lord and obey His Gospel (Matt. 26:28 ; Acts. 2:38 , 10:43 , 13:38 ; Eph. 1:7 , Col. 1:13-14 ).
While many men and women have murdered their children in this culture of death, Christ demonstrates His love for them in that while they were yet sinners, He loved them and gave His own life as a ransom for them (Matt 20:28 , Rom. 5:8 , 1 Tim. 2:5-6 ).
Abortion is sin. And the only answer for sin is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Furthermore, we maintain that:
Abortion is a National Sin.
As abolitionists living in the United States of America, we declare all laws which are now in force, admitting the right to murder pre-born human beings, to be null and void before the eyes of Almighty God.
As a nation that claims to be “under God” and “blessed by God,” we must cease to practice child sacrifice, work to establish justice for the fatherless within our land, and repent of our abominations before the One who is both perfect justice and love.
Our governing magistrates, both of greater and lesser authority, must wield the sword of justice and interpose themselves between the innocent pre-born and those that seek their destruction (Rom. 13:4 ).
On pain of falling under the devastating judgment of Almighty God, our government has the responsibility to outlaw these practices of human abortion within its jurisdiction, and to punish any person who participates in the commission of these crimes in any way.
The legal, institutionalized practice of human abortion is every bit as unjust, dehumanizing, and destructive as the legal, institutionalized practice of human slavery, and every bit as vicious and atrocious as the legal, institutionalized genocide of humans deemed undesirable in Nazi Germany.
We are no less guilty than antebellum Americans; no less culpable than mid-20th century Germans. In fact, we are more guilty because we all know that children are being murdered in our midst.
Many of us have seen the imagery and understand the science that proves it, and most of us just go about our business as usual, paying more heed to our entertainment and diversions while obsessing over our favorite athletes, celebrity authors, and American Idols.
The abortion holocaust exceeds all previous atrocities practiced by the Western World in its mass cultural acceptance, participation, and celebration.
Nearly all born individuals living in this country regard their own personal peace and affluence as more important than that of their pre-born neighbors.
We are a sinful nation. A people laden with iniquity. We have forsaken the Lord. The whole head is sick. The whole heart is faint. From the sole of the foot even to the head, there is no soundness in it. Only wounds, bruises, and putrefying sores (Is. 1:5-6 ).
We are a nation of murderers (Rev. 21:8 , 22:15 ).
A nation of bad neighbors (Luke 10:25-37 ).
A nation of hypocrites and cowards (Rev. 21:8 ).
God will not turn his wrath away from our holocaust forever (Is. 1:19-28 ).
We must repent.
We call upon the people of the United States of America to reconcile their claim to be a land of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with the fact that we are a land that embraces the daily slaughter of thousands of human beings.
A culture composed of men and women enslaved to sin, sex, and death. A culture at peace with child sacrifice. A culture at war with God and His creation.
In the United States, for the past four decades, those who claim to be “pro-life” have relied primarily on politicians, para-church ministries, and social justice organizations to get the job done.
Loving one’s pre-born neighbor has been dismissed as a “political issue,” labeled and dismissed by the many as a “special calling” for some, and consigned to the care of a very small set of professional pro-lifers, sidewalk-counselors, and pregnancy resource center volunteers.
There have been many individuals who have sought to love their pre-born neighbors as themselves and a faithful remnant that has worked to hold mothers back from the slaughter (Matt. 22:37-40 , Prov. 24:11-12 ).
There have even been a number of individuals who have devoted their very lives to standing in the gap for those being taken away to death.
We commend these selfless laborers in the cause of Christ and praise God for them.
However, the vast majority of Americans have chosen to “take the other side of the road,” and have largely ignored their most innocent, oppressed, and endangered neighbors. They have refused to stand up for justice and mercy as they have lived on the earth in luxury and self-indulgence. They have fattened their hearts in a day of slaughter. Subdued by carnal lusts, they have lived lives stained by the world.
Most people justify their apathy towards the ongoing genocide of pre-born human beings with statements such as “All we can do is vote,” “My church supports a local crisis pregnancy center,” “My pastor preaches against abortion every year,” “Who am I to tell anyone else what to do?!” and “I would never get an abortion myself.” And so, every year the pro-life people of America await the next election to vote for a president who might get the opportunity to appoint judges who could shift the balance of the Supreme Court, who might then be able to overturn Roe v. Wade.
And every year is like the previous forty-two, wherein more than a million of our smallest, most innocent, and most vulnerable members of our society are taken away to death under the covering of “law.”
The fact is that numerous pro-life candidates have been elected over the past forty-two years, well over 200 pro-life laws and regulations have been passed, and the right to murder one’s own children while they are in the womb remains legal in every state of the union.
All the while, abortion itself is sought out by members of both political parties, and embraced as a necessary evil by the church and the state. Abortion “services” are procured by both conservatives and liberals, by professing Christians and non-believers alike.
Professing bodies of religious people have by and large yielded to the political wisdom, pragmatism, and compromise endemic to the conservative political establishment (Ex. 23:2 ).
The establishment of justice and the practice of pure and undefiled religion has been given over to a coalition of syncretists who not only prefer the worldly wisdom of man to the word of God, but also yoke themselves together with those who want to make a career out of saving babies, regardless of whether or not they love God or possess a worldview capable of grounding ethics and morality.  Many of them are nothing but opportunists who have lost their faith and trust in God. They continue to profess their personal Christian piety and beliefs while they pander to the religious bodies of the land for financial support and approval.
They approach the “issue” of abortion from a secular and pluralistic standpoint, denying the power of the Gospel as having anything to do with the fight against abortion except, perhaps, as a secondary issue that might come up in the midst of “saving the babies.”
The effect of forty two years of pro-life organization and action has been to protract the practice of this great evil, and to make its abolition seem insurmountable.
The conservative political establishment, the GOP, the Moral Majority, the crisis pregnancy and pregnancy resource centers, the pro-life para-church ministries, and the hundreds of thousands of local pro-life churches in America have by and large attempted to put band aids on the pervasive practice of child sacrifice.
They have chosen not to call the nation to repent, but instead to vote, send money, attend this or that yearly event, and “choose life” for themselves.
They have not failed to be pro-life … they have failed to be Christian.
In contrast, we call upon our nation to immediately repent of its national sin of child sacrifice and to stop neglecting justice and mercy for the pre-born among us.
As abolitionists, we are at war with any and every idea which supports the continued cultural approval and practice of human abortion.
We are at war with the worldview and lifestyle practices that make abortion acceptable in the first place.
As abolitionists, we refuse to go with the multitude to do evil, and we are determined to never commit or concede any evil in order that good may come (Ex. 23:2 , Rom. 3:8 ).
As abolitionists, we call for the immediate and total abolition of human abortion.
In contrast to the Pro-life Movement, we believe that to compromise with abortion in any way is to prolong its abolition and perpetuate its practice.
We believe that God never requires us to support lesser evils in order to secure greater goods.
We believe that God will not honor any compromising efforts to end this great atrocity.
As abolitionists we believe that measures only designed to outlaw specific methods of killing some pre-born human beings, while abandoning many others to destruction, are ignorant, perverse, and dehumanizing to man, as well as dishonoring to God.
We reject the widespread belief among pro-lifers that one can gradually and effectively fight the evil of abortion by allowing it all along the way to its eventual abolition.
We are not incrementalists. We are not regulationists. We are Abolitionists!
The culture of death described above is in part the result of forty-two years of pro-life incrementalism and the failed regulatory policies and plans of the Republican party. Today’s pro-life establishment is focused on making abortion safer, cleaner, and possibly more rare.
For nearly four and a half decades the pro-life movement has focused on campaigns, bills, and strategies that aim to protect human beings because they have reached a specific age or stage of development, or have met the conditions of our culture’s definition of a “person.”
They have regulated the means and methods used to abort human beings, in the hopes of eventually bringing it to an end. All they have actually accomplished, however, is to establish the circumstances and conditions under which a human being may murder another human being.
In all of this they have perpetuated injustice, inadvertently accepted defeat, and unintentionally reinforced our culture’s acceptance of both child sacrifice and the ageism that justifies it.
The focus of the pro-life movement has been neither calling the culture to repent of child sacrifice nor establishing justice for the pre-born.  Rather, the focus of the pro-life movement has been the regulation of child sacrifice.
The measures of the pro-life movement have inadvertently pitted the rights (and lives) of those deemed most easy to protect against the rights (and lives) of those our culture most frequently chooses to kill.
In their misguided attempt to protect “as many babies as they can,” they have thoughtlessly abandoned the many for the few and undermined the very foundation for their demands.
In hopes of “saving some,” the pro-life movement has continually made exceptions that inadvertently deny the protection of all.
By making exceptions that acknowledge the right to murder any child for any reason, they have effectively approved the violation of the weak by the strong, and supported the very evil they are purporting to oppose.
Regardless of the good that many individual pro-lifers have done, and regardless of the commendable blood, sweat, and tears poured out by those pro-lifers who have devoted their lives to the cause of bleeding humanity, the measures taken by pro-life leaders in positions of cultural and political influence have been consistently fraught with compromise.
The overall effect of the movement’s work has been to inculcate pessimism, entrench godless pragmatism, and perpetuate the idea that abolition is impossible.
Even now, as professional pro-life leaders and activists unify together to oppose the re-ignition of the abolitionist movement in America, we invite all who consider themselves “pro-life” to move beyond moral opinion, consider the principles of abolition and put them into action.
We call upon pro-lifers to abandon all schemes of incremental legislation, amelioration, and regulation, and to focus instead on abortion abolition.
We call upon Pro-lifers to stop using self-defeating rhetoric like “Abortion stops a beating heart,” while also claiming to believe that abortion is wrong because all humans possess the image of God.
Stop fighting ageism with ageism!
Stop pretending that it makes any sense to support a ban on abortion after 20 weeks due to fetal pain while claiming that all human life is sacred and begins at conception!
Stop attempting to pass laws to make abortion “safer” when it is never safe for the child who is murdered!
Stop approaching abortion as though it were health care, and stop trying to shut down abortion mills because they fail to meet the medical establishment’s code of cleanliness!
We call pro-lifers to stop celebrating the closing of surgical abortion centers and to stop claiming that they are “winning” while they downplay the fact that abortifacients are now widely available over the counter.
Stop acting as if justice can be established by passing a law which demands a mother view her child on an ultrasound screen prior to having him or her killed!
Stop fighting abortion for any other reason than that it is murder!!
We call upon pro-lifers to stop focusing the bulk of their time and energy on creating, funding, and promoting pregnancy resource centers that operate within the false paradigm of “choice.”
We call pro-lifers to stop arguing that people who get abortions are victims and not murderers.
We call pro-lifers to stop merely demanding the defunding of child sacrifice or the right to keep their own wallets clean.
Pro-lifers must cease to make deals with Moloch, entreating him to clean up his child sacrifice centers, widen their hallways, or bring them closer to the places where wanted babies are born.
Pro-lifers must cease to stand before Pharaoh declaring “Let… some of my people go.”
Pro-lifers must get off the treadmill; they must stop swinging their axe at the branches, and instead lay it to the root!
We call pro-lifers to reject all compromise and join us in calling our nation to repent of the sin of child sacrifice.
To compromise with abortion is always to delay its abolition.
To compromise with abortion is to concede that abortion advocates have a legitimate claim.
To compromise with abortion is to confess that evil is greater than good, and to inaugurate Satan, instead of Christ, as King.
To all those who claim the name of Christ and profess to know and follow Him, we call you to “come out from among the pro-life movement!”
We call the pro-life movement to repent.
We call upon individual pro-lifers who agree with the principles stated in this declaration to stop going with the multitude to do evil, and to become abolitionists of human abortion.
Cease your toil as regulationists!
Cease your celebration of compromise!
Cease your opposition of abolition.
Break free from the bondage of pragmatism. Step away from the fear of failure and the fear of man.
Obey God, not man!
Place your faith in Christ and set yourself free from compromise.
Do your duty and leave the results to God.
Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean, cease to do evil, learn to do good, correct oppression and protect the fatherless among you by the power of the Gospel in the providence of God.
Unify in Christ, and together we shall abolish human abortion.
As Abolitionists:
We shall not compromise with abortion.
We shall not acknowledge or allow the right to abortion at any time or in any circumstance.
We shall demand the total and immediate abolition of ALL dehumanizing practices that intentionally abort the lives of our neighbors, image bearers, and fellow human beings.
We shall do all that we can to dismantle the ageist and dehumanizing sentiments of our day.
We shall care for the weak and “unwanted,” stand up for those deemed “too difficult” to love, and rescue those who have been abandoned, devalued, and disregarded.
We shall defend those who do not meet our modern standards of perfection, beauty, and potential “quality of life.”
We shall cease to protect rapists, pedophiles, and sex traffickers by openly opposing our culture’s use of abortion as a means to “take care of” children conceived as a result of their fathers’ crimes.
We shall promote redemption instead of destruction.
We shall not abandon those who are more difficult to save by only protecting those babies whom our godless culture might agree to save, either because they feel pain, possess a beating heart, or resemble the shape of a newborn baby.
We shall cease to ignore the widespread practice of opening and closing the womb with the use of abortifacient devices and drugs. Poisoning one’s womb to make it uninhabitable for a newly conceived child is every bit as evil as late-term partial birth abortion.
We shall cease to separate the practices of creating, manipulating, reducing, discarding, freezing, and destroying human beings from what is commonly accepted and opposed as abortion. Such inhumane acts always accompany the practices of in vitro fertilization and embryonic stem cell research.
We shall endeavor to rescue our pre-born neighbors from their icy chambers and open our wombs and our homes to those who have been orphaned as a result of our modern culture’s consumerist view of perfectly planned children.
We shall call upon all those who claim to be adopted by Christ to do the same.
We shall take our message to the front lines, engaging young people everywhere with the truth of the Gospel and the evil of abortion.
We shall speak the truth in love to them before they are faced with the temptation to hide their sin with child sacrifice – or be led to the slaughter by those who would rather turn them into murderers than love them as sons and daughters.
We shall destroy speculations and every lofty idea raised up against the knowledge of God, and we shall tear down every ideological stronghold that protects and furthers the wanton slaughter of the most innocent and helpless members of our society.
We shall destroy so called “pro-choice” misinformation through constant education, agitation, and activism.
We shall circulate, unsparingly and extensively, anti-abortion tracts, pamphlets, and periodicals.
We shall peacefully assemble outside of our nation’s child sacrifice centers, court houses, and church buildings, and stand in protest all along the roads which connect these guilty institutions.
We shall organize abolitionist societies, if possible, in every city of our nation.
We shall send out agents to lift up the voice of remonstrance and encourage abolitionists everywhere in their local work.
We shall engage in mass action campaigns to call our nation’s cities to repent, beseeching them to shut down their child sacrifice centers and ban the distribution of abortifacient weapons of mass murder.
We will expose abortion for what it is: a monstrous evil.
We shall bring it to light by every means available to us.
We will show the nation what it is they approve, allow, and ignore, and what future generations will remember them for approving, allowing, and ignoring.
We shall kindle a fire that sets the public mind ablaze, melts mountains of ice, and awakens the citizens of this country to their lukewarm love and practical disdain for God, in whose image they are made.
We shall proclaim the truth, justice, and mercy of the Living God, and we will not ask the world’s permission to do so.
We shall not think, speak, or write with moderation.
We shall be as harsh as truth and as uncompromising as justice.
We will use no moderating tones to take the place of what ought to have been our outrage at this abomination for the past forty-two years.  We will not equivocate, we will not retreat a single inch, and we will be heard!
We will do no harm. We will do no violence. But we will not just stand idly by.
We shall provoke a clash of absolutes between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the worldly wisdom of man, create a conflict between two visions of reality and morality, demonstrate how a worldview centered upon Christ leads to the just, compassionate, and dignified treatment of human beings, while a worldview centered on man leads to the unjust, barbaric, and undignified treatment of our neighbors.
We shall bring the Gospel of God into full blown conflict with the evil of our age.
We shall not separate the Gospel from the work of social justice.
We shall not dishonor God by locking arms with those who reject or deny Him.
We shall not abandon souls to save babies, nor babies to save souls.
We shall persist in seeking the conversion of all men to the kingdom of Christ and the cause of immediate abolition.
We shall demonstrate that abortion itself is a greater threat to the mission of the church than is abolitionist agitation.
We shall admonish and rebuke professing believers in Jesus Christ who neglect the plight of their pre-born neighbors in the same manner that our Lord rebuked and admonished the Pharisees who neglected justice, mercy, and faithfulness in His day (Matt. 23:23 ,Luke 11:42 ).
The body and helpmate bride of Christ has an obligation to actively and visibly oppose the ongoing practice of child sacrifice going on in her midst as part of her mandate to be salt and light, fulfill the great commission, and be ambassadors of the Kingdom of God who do not neglect the weightier matters of His Holy Law.
Individual Christians and local fellowships of believers must understand that the work of the Church universal is one and the same with the work of the church local.
Individual Christians and local fellowships of believers must cease to subcontract their obligation to expose evils, establish justice, and practice pure and undefiled religion to third parties such as professional pro-life para-ministries, crisis pregnancy centers, and the welfare state.
All we are asking fellow Christians to do is to love their neighbors as themselves and to love God in whose image their neighbors are made.
We are exhorting all those who believe in the God of the Bible to renew their minds in His Word, to possess the mind of Christ in regard to the least of all image bearers among them, and to show compassion to their pre-born brothers and sisters from the womb.
We are not attacking the Bride of Christ in any way.  Rather, we are exhorting all believers everywhere to be the Church, and to boldly practice true and vital Christianity in the midst of a culture that kills its children.
We shall labor to wake up fellow members of the Body of Christ who are now sleeping in the midst of an abortion holocaust (1 Cor. 15:34 ; Rev. 3:2-3 ; Mark 13:35-37 ).
We shall set ourselves boldly to this task, come what may to our persons, our interests, or our reputations.
Whether we live to witness total abolition, or perish untimely in this great, benevolent, and holy cause, we shall not be discouraged or dismayed.
When people come together to falsely utter all manner of evil against us and revile, suppress, and even persecute us on account of the cross we carry, we will count it a blessing and consider it all joy (Matt. 5:11-12 ).
Even if a majority of professing American Christians exert ten times more energy opposing us than they exert fighting abortion themselves, we will not cease to boldly proclaim the truth of God where the battle against truth rages most hot.
Our trust for victory is solely in God. While we may be personally defeated and beaten down, our principles will never be, for they rest upon God’s infallible Word. Truth, Justice, Reason, and Humanity must – and will – gloriously triumph over the evil of our age.
Already a host is coming to the help of the Lord against the mighty, and the prospect before us is full of encouragement.  Abolitionists who adopt these principles and sentiments have arisen all over the country and are everywhere among you.
Under the guidance and by the help of Almighty God, we will do all that lies within us to abolish human abortion, to deliver our nation from its deadliest curse, and to secure to the pre-born all the rights and privileges that belong to them as image-bearers of God.
By the blood of the lamb and the word of our witness, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in His Providence and in accordance with his plan, we shall crush the dragon abortion beneath our feet (Rev. 12:11 , Rom. 16:20 ).
In the name and power of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and maker of man, who Himself became a human embryo within the womb of a young, unmarried, woman who had not chosen to be “with child” (Matt. 1:18 ), – we will destroy this work of darkness and effect the total abolition of human abortion.
For to Christ belongs all authority in Heaven and on Earth. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His Kingdom one that shall not be destroyed (Matt. 28:18 , Dan. 7:14 ).
Of the increase of His government and of peace, there shall be no end (Is. 9:7 ).